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Die neue Herbstfarben sind da!

Farbenfroh in den Herbst mit unseren neuen Herbstfarben

World Nail Championship

On September, 1st the 5th World Nail Championship will be held by the World Nail Association. Due to the Corona Pandemic, it will be the first time this Championship will be organized digitally and happens online.
Ina Maria Schmid, founder of the World Nail Association and organizer of the World Nail Championship, invented also the ‘SecioAurea’ – Golden Cut, which is the task that participants have to accomplish. The task at other competition is much wider, allowing the participants to show their interpretation and style. The ‘SecioAurea’ is strictly defined and has to be completed by the participants to the last details. “This difficult task, to sculpt a set of Acrylic- or Gel-Nails over forms in the length of 6,5 cm (2,56 inch) will lead most participants to their limitations”, so Ina during the interview.


Hygiene – Woran sollten wir unbedingt denken, wenn wir wieder öffnen dürfen?