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Buffer, blau - 180-er Körnung Buffer, blau - 180-er Körnung
Der Buffer, blau hat eine Körnung von 180 Grid. Wird zum heraus arbeiten von Kratzer auf der Nageloberfläche empfohlen. ANGEBOT: 500 Stck. im Karton für nur 240 € Sie sparen nochmals 20%
€0.60 * €0.99 *
Einmal-Buffer, orange 100/100-er Körnung 150 Stck. (1 Lage) Einmal-Buffer, orange 100/100-er Körnung 150...
Buffer Block orange - klein Dieser Einmal-Buffer ist der ideale Ersatz für die herkömmlichen weißen Buffer Blocks. 2,5 cm x 2,5 cm x 1 cm sind diese Einmal buffer klein und handlich und dennoch groß genug um einen Service lang zu halten....
From €12.00 *
Buffer, white 80 grit Buffer, white 80 grit
Buffer, white 80 grit An essential product for efficient work at the nail table. For smoothing the modeling surface without changing the shape. Offer:
€0.60 * €0.99 *
Once Buffer knows Once Buffer knows
Buffer block white - small This disposable buffer is the ideal replacement for the conventional white buffer blocks. 5 x 2.5 x 1 cm, these disposable buffers are small and handy, yet large enough to last a long service. Simply break out...
€36.00 *
4-way polishing block 220/320/600/3000 4-way polishing block 220/320/600/3000
4-way polishing block Beautiful shiny polished fingernails are evidence of elegance and well-groomed. With our 4-way buffer, you can work out bumps yourself in four simple steps and polish to a high gloss. The 4-way polishing buffer has...
€1.80 *