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GelCare GelCare
Dieses Gel ist zum Setzen von Fullsize Tips entwickelt worden. Tube enthält 20 ml UV lichthärtendes Gel. Auch im Set mit dem Handheld UV LED Light erhältlich Anwendungshinweise: Kleines Bällchen Gel direkt in den Tips setzen und...
€19.00 *
Ultra Bond - 500 ml Ultra Bond - 500 ml
€39.00 *
Press on Soft Gel Glue Press on Soft Gel Glue
PRESS ON SOFT GEL GLUEFor attaching tips to the natural nail. Content 15 ml
€15.00 *
Primer 15ml Primer 15ml
Primer 3in1 Primer 15ml for perfect adhesion of the modeling material to the natural nail. This primer degreases the natural nail and opens the nail plate for optimal adhesion of the modeling product. Even with problem nails, the use of...
€7.90 *
Futureline Protective Base 15ML Futureline Protective Base 15ML
The base gel is used as a bonding agent. Apply a thin layer on the prepared natural nail and harden it for 30 seconds in the UV LED device or for 60 seconds in the UV tube device. Characteristics: Thin viscos Supports the attachment to...
From €15.00 *
Foil transfer gel 15ML Foil transfer gel 15ML
The modeling is filed and you want to decorate it with foils. For this purpose, the foil transfer gel is applied to the modeling and briefly hardened for 15 seconds. Now press the back of the film briefly onto the surface and pull the...
From €15.00 *