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Nail art brush set - Kolinski
Nail art brush set - Kolinski
This great nail art brush set also satisfies the highest demands. The trimming is also high-quality Kolinski red sable hair, which was processed to perfection by the master brush makers in Japen.
€50.00 *
Gel brush sertiment
Gel brush sertiment
Gel brush assortment The right size for the perfect job! In this range of gel brushes you have all sizes of gel brushes that you need for the perfect work. Starting from size 2 to size 14, all with synthetic trimmings that are rounded at...
€14.00 *
gel & nailart brush set
gel & nailart brush set
The quality set includes nail art and gel brushes for every work step during the appointment. Three striper brushes in different sizes and lengths, a fan brush, a baby boomer / ombré brush, a brush with flat trimmings for the exact...
€29.90 *